2021.09.23 A Tiny Distinction with Massive Implications

Droplets fall whereas aerosols rise. Confusing them results in serious consequences!

In the news this week: Your editor predicts that a year from now, this time will be seen as a significant turning point. Air semantics affect the tech industry. States which ban mask mandates witness erupting policy ground wars at school board meetings. A new section brought to you by reader request: humor (it’s brief). Forgive the lengthiness this week as the Tetris blocks are lining up to contain COVID down...gmail users click the ellipse button to read the end… Thank you for your support and feedback. Renew or subscribe before rates go up Oct. 1.

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  • Tracing for Early Detection Responses & Spread-Stopping βœ”οΈ

  • Isolating Alternatives (Ventilating, Masking, Quarantining) 😷

  • πŸ†• Spotlight: The Mask-Banning Eight (SC, FL, TX, AZ, AK, UT, IA, OK)

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  • πŸ†• Reader-Requested: Humor

  • **FACES**

  • Infodemic

  • Beyond the Scope

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