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TracingCOVID is an August 2021 re-launch of the testandtrace.com newsletter for the vaccination era.

The pulse of this Thursday newsletter is designed to snap forward out of the hypnotic trance to course-correct our way to the best 2021-2022 school year possible.

We’ve Come Far

The old “about” section read as follows:

It somehow became dogma among high-level public health influencers that contact tracing to mitigate COVID isn’t backed by science.

Nonsense. Tracing, combined with vaccinating and ventilating contains COVID down so we can travel, keep schools open and live to the fullest. The practice most certainly is backed by science, specifically for COVID:

Our regression analyses indicate that countries that implement comprehensive contact tracing have significantly lower case fatality rates. This association of contact tracing policy and case fatality rates is robust in our longitudinal regression models, even after controlling for the number of tests conducted and non-pharmaceutical control measures adopted by governments. - Nature, Jan. 25, 2021

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